Steelstruct Engineering is the leading provider of hardfaced/clad piping in Australia having provided wear solutions to the alumina and gold sectors for over 35 years.

The prohibitive replacement cost of high wear components can be mitigated through the application of hardfacing to restore worn components to a reusable condition. The process of hardfacing involves the deposit of composite coatings more resistant to wear, impact, abrasions or corrosion than the parent material. The resulting surface material provides for a repair with extended usage often beyond that of the original component. Our services are predominantly applied for use within the Alumina refinery sector but have strong application and can easily be adapted for other mining processes to reduce wear.

Capabilities include;

  • Internal hardfacing of spools (straight and elbows)
  • Bucket repairs and high wear solutions.
  • Wear applications on crusher assemblies including rebuilding of cone surfaces. We have employed highly skilled staff specialised in the hard facing sector for over 25 years.

We employ highly skilled specialised staff operating a fleet of hardfacing machines at our Maddington (Western Australia) facility. Works include:

  • 12m Straight pipe spools 80nb up to 1200nb
  • Elbows 80nb up to 900nb
  • Reducers (concentric and eccentric) 80nb up to 900nb
  • Plate
  • Tees 80nb up to 1200nb
  • Valve bodies

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